Dongs vs. Dildos

At Fantasy Gifts, we don’t discriminate, but did you know there is a difference between dongs and dildos?! Dildos have balls and dongs… don’t.  We may use the term interchangeably, but that additional material can make or break your experience with those kinds of sex toys. And that is not the only thing you should look at while shopping for a dong or dildo – there are so many options out there to choose from in our sex shop near Philadelphia!

To Be Real…

Dongs and dildos can come in various materials including: PVC (jelly-like), smooth silicone, and glass.  But a very common material that is used to give that “real feel” to a dildo is TPE. This material is skin-soft, but needs to be very well taken care of by making sure you clean it before and after use.  We also recommend using renewal powder to help soak up any water afterwards that will leave it feeling good as new!

Phallic and non-phallic are also features that should be considered – do you want it to look real or not?  Our Evolved and Dr. Skin lines have the most realistic-looking dildos available.  But, there is also the Clone-A-Willy kit that you can mold from an ACTUAL penis.  Now that is what I call realistic!

We Be Vibing

Traditionally, dongs and dildos weren’t vibrating products, however times have changed.  Having a dildo that vibrates can enhance the experience for its user, but it can also change how flexible a dong is for its user. If you want a dildo with more features than just one, you can take our Dr. Spin for a spin! Or check out the Evolved Tsunami and Evolved Purple Fantasy.  Want the flexibility, but still interested in vibrations? You can always throw a vibrating c-ring into the mix to help give your dong a whole new personality.

Strap-on, Strap…off?

Are you using this with a partner or by yourself? If with a partner, how will you be planning on using it? If you’re interested in pegging, a harness would probably be best to help ensure that your third leg stays in place.  Give the Ember Strap-On Adjustable Harness or the Ouch Vibrating Strap-on Thong a try.  Harnesses aren’t your thing? We have a handful of amazing strapless strap-ons that will please both the giver and the receiver!

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Dildo to Spice Up Your Pleasure

There are so many other ways to enjoy solo and partnered play, but what feels good to you will be most important! Fantasy Gifts is the best place to buy all different dildos and dongs for your pleasure!

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