Fantasy Gifts NJ is proud to be an indie retailer!  Indie Retailers are the lifeblood of every town in America, offering specialist products and services, knowledge and passion for their community.

Fantasy Gifts got its start way back in 1980 when Robert and Marlene Bertino, my in-laws, decided to open a store in their community in Minneapolis. They bought a simple novelty store – the kind that sold everything from cheap cassettes to pretend dog poop. Included in their inventory was a small selection of nudie playing cards and plain white vibrators. To their surprise, those items were among their top sellers.  As the local family legend goes, one day Robert stayed home sick from work and was watching the Phil Donohue show. The show featured home party experts who sold adult toys. He was amazed to see that the primarily female audience was not shocked by the offerings but were excited and enthused. The idea grew from there and Robert along with his wife Marlene, a registered nurse, started introducing more sexual toys into their product mix.

Back in the eighties, adult novelty stores were mostly geared towards men and often featured peep booths in the back. They mainly operated in cities and did not have suburban outlets. Robert and Marlene saw an opportunity and decided to open mainstream stores in the suburban Minneapolis area that catered to women and couples. They have not always been welcomed with open arms. In the 43 years Fantasy Gifts has been opened they have fought numerous lawsuits but have always prevailed.  Although we face competition from the internet and big box retailers now, our customers appreciate that as an Indie retailer we offer a high level of customer service that cannot be found elsewhere.

When you shop at an independent retailer for every $1 you spend, an estimated $.50 – $.70 circulates back into the local economy. We buy from local distributors, hire local employees, and make our home in our community.  We are grateful for your continued support.

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