South Jersey’s top destination for adult toys, Fantasy Gifts NJ opens its doors after being closed for 12 weeks. COVID19 has been devastating for everyone, but it has hit small businesses in NJ particularly hard.

Small retail stores in New Jersey were forced to shut their doors for 12 weeks while the nation struggled to get the coronavirus under control. Fortunately, Fantasy Gifts NJ already had an established website in place which helped them seamlessly transition to helping their customers online.

“We’ve always had an updated website for our customers, ” said Dee Bertino, owner of Fantasy Gifts NJ. “Our brick and mortar customers used our website as a tool to preshop our stores before coming in but our web business was only a small part of our sales prior to the pandemic.”

Fast forward 12 weeks and the online business is booming, up over 700%! A combination of factors led many customers to find Fantasy Gifts NJ online. According to Forbes Magazine, sex toys sales rose exponentially in all markets during the pandemic. As people were forced to stay home, either alone or with a partner, there was very little to do other than watch Netflix and actually chill.

Additionally, many sex toy purchasers who usually relied on Amazon to fulfill their needs found that Amazon couldn’t even deliver toilet paper on time, much less a vibrator! Once Amazon decided that sex goods were “non-essential,” there was a public outcry as thousands of customers decided that during quarantine, sex toys are very much essential to survival!

Customers also responded to the appeal to purchase from local, small businesses. While some industries were very profitable during the pandemic, there are very few small businesses that can survive 12 weeks without revenue. “Our customers are very loyal,” said Bertino. “They were very quick to reach out to us for products, stating they did not want to buy from Amazon or Walgreens but wanted to keep their money in the community. We are very fortunate to have great customers!”

The transition to curbside pickup was also very beneficial for Fantasy Gifts NJ. “Many people do not want packages from us delivered to their home, for many reasons,” according to Bertino. “Once they knew they could pick up their toys within minutes business really took off! Many customers were placing their orders right from the parking lot and we were fulfilling them within 30 seconds! It was like fast food for sex toys!”

Curbside pickup was so successful that Fantasy Gifts NJ will continue to offer the service. While they are encouraging customers who place their order online to walk into the store to pick up their order, for those customers who are still too nervous to walk in, employees will still walk those orders to the customer’s car for them.

As New Jersey slowly reopens, it is understandable that some customers may be nervous about shopping in a store. Fantasy Gifts NJ spent many weeks during the pandemic cleaning and sanitizing all of their stores. All customers and staff are required to wear masks. Plexiglass has been installed and credit card terminals are wiped down before and after each transaction.

Fantasy Gifts NJ has always had a mission to create a clean, comfotable shopping environment for its customers. That mission has only been enhanced due to this latest pandemic. With so much uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, Fantasy Gifts NJ has adjusted to the new normal by providing clean and sanitized store, enhanced online offerings, and contactless store pickups. They are thankful for their customers’ loyalty and support!

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