Our Favorite Two Things Combined in One Great Day!

January 3rd is quickly shaping up to be one of our favorite days of the new year!

The holiday madness is over and we have all recovered from our New Year’s Eve hangovers. Hopefully the Christmas decorations are either put away or at least not bothering you yet.  So celebrate two of the greatest things ever in one day.  January 3rd is not only the Festival of Sleep but is also National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!

If you are new to the Festival of Sleep, obviously the best way to celebrate it is to spend the day in bed!  However, like all good holidays, it requires a little prep work to ensure success.  First, determine if you will be celebrating the Festival of Sleep alone or with a partner.  You can celebrate the Festival with anyone, a lover, a child, even a pet.  But be sure to prepare accordingly.  Don’t break out the satin sheets if the dog is likely to shred them.  If it’s going to be a warm day, don’t use the flannel sheets.  Make sure your bedding is clean and neat to start.  There’s nothing more uncomfortable then spending the day in messy, dirty sheets.  Dress accordingly as well.  Wear your most comfortable sleepwear!

If you can’t sleep the whole day away, you can still spend the day in bed.  Again, just prepare appropriately.  Curl up with a good book or a good movie.  Have plenty of snacks and drinks available.  Just remember that the day is mandated as a day of rest so use that as an excuse to spend the day in bed!

Although you might have indulged over the holidays, National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is an actual day to be celebrated on January 3rd as well!  And because you are combining fruit and (hopefully) dark chocolate, one could make the argument that it’s a healthy holiday as well.  Nevertheless, this holiday is easiest celebrated by simply grabbing a box of chocolate covered cherries and bringing it to bed with you.  Simply eat and enjoy!

* This blog was updated on September 6, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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