Lady Genevieve Reviews the French Kiss Sweet Talker

Lady Genevieve

If you know me at all, you know I used to be obsessed (I’ll call it like it is) with the French culture and the naturally sexy nature of French people and especially the city of Paris. I can probably also attribute this to the beauty I see in sexuality and how intimacy does not not have to be found in just sex, but knowing yourself and your pleasures. When Calexotics released their French Kiss line, I was eyeballing it intensely – but not in the way you think. I’ve had a few of their toys way back when I first started at Fantasy Gifts and I was not a fan. They were either not comfortable or strong enough for me, so I always steered away from buying them and even avoided recommending them to customers. I started finding my favorites and stopped branching out and trying anything new, especially from Calexotics (sorry guys). But The French Kiss line really had started getting my head to turn. The leap to try it was because it is something that was brought to my attention as a very popular search on our own website. I found it odd because I don’t recall many people coming in the store to buy them – but the online orders for these products said otherwise….

Whisper Sweet Nothings to Me

I picked up the French Kiss Sweet Talker because it was tiny and I like smaller and more discreet toys – but honestly, they’re all pretty small. Actually, when you really look at all the other French Kiss products, they (mostly) do the same thing but have a bigger or steeper set of lips – the Cassanova has an additional bullet like tail as well. I took it home and, just like my mom did with our adopted puppy, I stared at it. I was prepared for anything at this point – and by that I mean to hate it. I wasn’t ready to use it yet, but I was so curious I took it out to turn in on and HOLY MOLY my whole hand was tingling only a minute after having it in my hand. The oddest thing I found at this point was the first setting was a vibe setting and I was NOT having it – but the next click of the only button on the vibrator, I was at my normal steady settings. Even at the ‘lowest’ speed, there was a crazy amount of power giving off the tongue.

What That Mouth Do?

Okay so admittedly, the first time using the Sweet Talker did not go so well – it died almost immediately after turning it on. This was not unusual (most toys are only at half change when you first take them out) but it was still pretty fast and I only had it on for a minute or two the day before. Never fear! I got it charged up the next day and finally got to use it shortly after with King Big Cream’s help – after telling him to grab ‘the only charged toy in the drawer’ (sigh – I’ve GOT to do better with that). I can’t say I am much of a squirmer, but on the highest setting you would have thought I was trying to escape being tickle tortured. On the very strongest setting, I was about to kick him in the face, but then I felt my whole butt start tingling as if I was about to go numb. Calexotics – I HAVE QUESTIONS. I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t expecting it or because it really was the strong, but I could easily compare it to the power behind a Magic Wand (okay, almost). I might even keep it on the lowest setting moving forward because I DO like to be able to walk after using any toys. But, I now think I am setting too high of a standard for the Sweet Talker. It did its job, obviously, but that is it – it only made me orgasm. Not gonna lie, I was fully expecting to squirt at some point, but it has yet to happen.

All the Bells and Whistles

These ‘kissable’ lips are all made from silicone, rechargeable, waterproof, and has a 1-year warranty. It has 12 functions AND it remember the last function you used (SCORE)! It is also cute and small for those who prefer discreet looking toys – although I can’t say it has the same discretion with the sound. It is LOUD. I would describe it as a deep “whaa whaa whaa” like a helicopter. Also, on the highest setting, it only last 35 minutes (which does explain it dying so quickly) and last 50 minutes on the lowest setting. However, this toy really is versatile in the sense it can be used on nipples and other parts of all genders genitals so it can be used on anyone and everyone, single or coupled up. After messing around with the Sweet Talker, it’s price point is perfect as I would say is midrange priced for a decent toy. Trust me when I say “you’re never been kissed like this” before (credit to the box for this quote.

Stay Sexual!

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