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Lady Genevieve

One of the things I’ve noticed in my blogs is that even when I have a penis-owner product to review, I still claim it as my review. I started wondering if I should reword these titles for your reading sake, but only after I had Big Cream try out one of our newest strokers from Wow Tech (the makers of We-Vibe and Womanizer) – the Arcwave Pow! This was something I was really excited to gift him because although it is a manual stroker, it boasts still having suction technology that you don’t see in most manual strokers (the technology being your own finger over the valve). As nice and simple as this stroker looks, we most certainly had some whoopsies while using it.

arcwave pow stroker in navy blue
Arcwave Pow in Navy Blue


First off, I was at the Wow Tech training in our Fantasy Gifts NJ store, so I should have known how to open the dang thing. Both ends were so stuck, I thought there was a magic password I had to use that I missed during the training (my fault for making stupid jokes the whole time). But it could have been me being weak cause apparently Cream got it off by blinking his eyes… such a show off. Anywhoooo, we had kept both ends off initially and added some of my favorite lube just in case it moved from toy play to anything else. I usually do this not because we have issues using a toy, but something we just like to finish off with person-to-person contact. This was not one of those days unfortunately. The Arcwave Pow is double sided with one entry way tighter than the other, but the texture inside is the exact same. I tried using the Pow on Cream and it didn’t come without some difficulty – we need a LOT more lube. We used what normal amount we’d use on another toy, but the Pow is silicone and I think majority of the toys that Cream gets are TPE/TPR, which do better with less lube, I guess??? (I smell a science experiment coming up!). Also, just about the only tiny thing on me is my hands and despite the Pow being a manual stroker, I think it’s pretty big and far too big for me to use on him. So, anyway, with both ends off, we didn’t get the suction feeling, rather just tested out the initial feel. But this information is the reason why I try a toy out multiple times, to give it a fair shot.

Arcwave Pow

As Aaliyah Said… “Dust Yourself off and Try Again.”

Okay, I know this is no where near an Aaliyah-worthy song references but still I’m in my late 90’s/early 00’s feels, leave me aloneee. Alright so Cream and I were being flirty (or I was being a brat which is the same thing in my opinion) and it was actually HIS idea to try the toy again. We super duper lubed up the Pow and himself. I did a lot more teasing with the first end which can be best remembered as the ‘plain’ side from the outside design. This side was the more open end while the tighter end could be described as the squiggly designed end on the outside and we used that as a finishing side. Even though the inside texture was the same throughout the Pow, he made a remark that he enjoyed the tighter end more, but did enjoy feeling the texture of the looser end – in fact, he thought it was two different textures because of the size difference in the openings! Now, I can’t confirm nor deny that bit of information because I don’t have a penis myself, but I find that very interesting! We did use the valve top over either side when in use, which I think that on top of using a LOT more lube, he found this product really enjoyable and decided to keep it! The one cool thing about the Arcwave Pow being silicone is that we don’t have to use a renewing powder on it after each use! It is easy to clean and you can leave it in the hard covering or pull the sleeve out and clean them that way with toy cleaner and let it air dry! This is probably a bit more if an investment in a manual stroker compared to others, however the silicone and the air suction ‘technology’ can make up for it. If you’ve used TPE/TPR (that ‘real feel’ material) and you want to step it up and get something that will last – this is definitely a product you should consider adding to your connection.

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