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It’s May, which means getting ready for wedding season is now in full swing until the end of October! Bridesmaids and BFFs are looking for fun and sexy ways to celebrate the bride-to-be.  Sex toy shops like Fantasy Gifts are increasingly becoming a hotspot for parties to let loose and learn some new skills.  Feel free to consult with our associates about best sellers or “how-to” because they are trained as sex educators!  In addition to the comprehensive training they receive before they begin work, they receive training on an on-going basis with seminars and on-line training from our most popular vendors. We can teach you about self-pleasuring techniques, oral sex, and making sexual communication sexy. We are not only a great place to find a gift but are a reliable resource for sex information. 

Games, Wearables, and Goodies

bride tiara rose gold
Bride Tiara

No bachelorette party is complete without some games or challenges throughout the night. Check out the Huge Penis Ice Luge or the Cum Face Penis Game for laughs that will last for hours! Of course EVERYONE should know that your group is out for ‘one last fling’ so don’t forget to pick up some wearables for your nights out like boas, sashes, veils. For those feeling a bit adventurous – some pasties under a see-through shirt will do the trick! And no need to worry – we have goodies for the whole party to bring home! Not to mention our large selection of toys and other sexual enhancements for the newly weds and the whole party. And for those of you on a tighter budget, feel free to purchase from our clearance section in store!

Something New, Something Borrowed….

If you’re looking for a twist on the traditional bachelorette party, schedule a party in The Annex with our party consultant! Our consultant and in-house sex educator will walk you and your guests through our products and play games for entertainment. Every party guest gets a goodie bag and the host gets their own special bag as a thank you from us. Unlike other home party companies, we don’t offer you a small number of items to choose from. You have our entire store to shop from and you can take all of our products home that night! Oh…. and don’t forget the built in stripper pole that will have you swept off your feet.

This post was originally published June 8, 2015. It was updated May 5, 2023 to reflect new products and information.

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