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huge penis ice luge
Lugez IceMan Ice Luge Mold-2T
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Huge Penis Ice Luge
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  • Manufacturer: Creative Conceptions
  • Size: 12x12x8 inches. The molds hold approximately 2 gallons of water. They are big, but able to fit in a normal freezer.


Huge Penis Ice Luge

Huge Penis Ice Luge. This ice luge mold fits into most standard-sized freezers and is easy to fill up through the filling hole. Using filtered water can help to make the ice more clear. Once filled to the filling line at 90%, place into the freezer until frozen. Freezing time depends on the freezer settings but 24/48 hours should be sufficient. That’s it, it’s ready for you and your guests to enjoy the ice-cold liquid you choose to pour through the Huge Penis Ice Luge.

Sure to make your next Bachelorette or adult party a wild one! Use this Penis ice luge to serve your shots or drinks Ice Cold! Each Penis ice luge is roughly 12″ tall and 12″ wide. Put an LED light under it and it makes a wonderful centerpiece to your bar or drinking area. (LED light not included,)

The hottest item on the bachelorette party scene is the Penis Ice Luge! It’s sure to make some memories that you may or may not want to forget. 🙂 Each penis Ice luge is roughly 12″ tall. 

There are just a few things to keep in mind when creating your Ice Luge Masterpiece. Follow these instructions for a flawless experience!
1. FILLING- Remember, your ice luge is frozen in 2 steps over 48hours
a. Fill halfway and freeze for 24hours
b. Fill to the top with COLD WATER and freeze for another 24hours
If you use warm water it will crack
2. DE-MOLDING – Ice is very sensitive and cracks easily when leaving a freeze. So when removing your ice luge sculpture from the mold, follow the directions carefully.
a. Gently removed luge from freezer.
b. Allow the mold to acclimate outside of freezer for 10-15mins.
c. Using a utility knife and/or scissors, cut along seam of mold. Gently peel away.
d. Clean up or buff up any rough spots or residue with a damp towel.
e. Straighten the aluminum at the end of mold, and pull the aluminum wire using the handle or pliers.
f. Pull tubing out. Pull from both ends to loosen if needed.
g. Place back into freezer, gently, if you will not be using immediately.
a. Place luge on a tray. Dark colors look the best.
Place a towel under the tray to reduce a watery mess.
Use cold liquids to preserve the luge as long as possible.

2 reviews for Huge Penis Ice Luge

  1. Cm

    This thing is soooo cool and definitely a functional conversation piece.

  2. Breanna

    I love this. Definitely fun for a party.

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