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Lady Genevieve

Okay, these TikTok trends are starting to get out of hand: first we have The Rose and the Ooowee Anal Relaxer, which wasn’t at all bad.  Then we have the Show Stopper from Evolved, and I could have really done without trying that…thing.  But now we have a RESURFACING of the Pink Pussycat line (originally brought to our attention in 2018 by the fabulous Cardi B).  This has been flying off our shelves since the beginning of this year, but TikTok videos have ‘res-erected’ (hehehe penis joke) this surge in sales since the introduction of the honey packets in the summer of 2021.  You can find users, all women, reviewing the product and including them in their favorite alcoholic beverage.  I am not sure if I would call this unconditional love or stupidity, but I once again ingested something for the sake of my Scoopers.

pink pussycat sensual enhancement pill for her
Pink Pussycat Sensual Enhancement

First thing you should know about the Pink Pussycat line is that it is not FDA approved.  Most of the pills we sell are not and are considered supplements, which is up to the manufacturer to test prior to throwing on the market (like vitamins).  We do warn everyone that they are not intended for individuals with heart conditions or those with high blood pressure because of the intended effects of the pills.  We also warn that they can mess with other medications currently being taken and/or act differently for everyone (as prescribed medications do).  We are not medical professionals and suggest that you speak with an actual medical professional prior to using this formula.

Pink Pussycat can be found in various forms of ingestion: the pill, the shot (like those energy shot drinks), honey, and a gummy. There is a topical gel, but for the purpose of this blog I am only focusing on things that can be eaten/swallowed/etc. There is also a ‘male’ version of the pill, shot, gummy and honey.  Honestly, they’re pretty much made with the same exact ingredients as they sell the pills in the same package and no separate tables of information, so this blog is for everyone!  The only exception is the honey because the Pink Pussycat has kacip fatimah which is supposed to increase levels of estrogen and encourage mental/emotional wellness.

The Roller Coaster that is Reactions

This first thing I took was the pill because I felt as though I should use what we primarily sell (plus I’ve taken one or two before so I have something to compare to).  I immediately regretted taking this and I know not everyone experiences it the same, but I felt like I was as high as a kite 30 minutes after ingesting.  I started getting a weird headache and at first, I did think it was because it was hot out and the A/C in my car doesn’t work, plus some additional stress I was experiencing that day.  As soon as I was able to sit down at home (yea, I’m the dumbass that took it at work), I felt my eyes darting back and forth but everything else that moved was in slow motion.  I also got hot and looked flushed, and I just seemed “shot out” thanks to the kind words of King Big Cream.  There was no sex happening whatsoever – I was out for the count for almost a day and a half.  I don’t have any medical conditions that might cause these side effects, but I knew the pill I had just taken was not like any of the others. The only thing I will say is that I had thrown my back out the day before and after my brain settled down for a bit, I noticed my back wasn’t hurting as much and I could stand straight.  I don’t yet know if there is a correlation to this fix, but I’m going to keep it here for now… just in case.

pink pussycat gummy
Pink Pussycat Gummy for Her

The following Monday, I decided to take the gummy because these are the things you do for the people who depend on you… also I wanted witnesses to the circus that was my body when taking some of these formulas.  I will say, the gummy is in a cute form of a cat and coated in sugar, but after chewing on it, it tasted absolutely disgusting.  If you can’t swallow a pill and you take all your vitamins in the version of gummies – just be prepared to drink something very flavorful after.  My water didn’t do a dang thing to take that taste away.  Similar to the pill, I got hot and my facial expression and eyes were almost a little glazed over. With my previously-a-medical-professional manager watching me, she noted that my pupils did not change, and my blood pressure was fine, but she could feel how hot my face was and see how red it got after an hour of eating a pink pussy (hehehe I’m so immature sometimes).  This time, I was feeling odd for only about an hour or two and aside from my face being red and hot, I went back to normal much quicker than when I was on the pill.  All I can say at this point in thank goodness that you can only take one pill/gummy/shot/honey packet every 60 hours.

At this point, I’m starting to think it is having a reaction in my guts, but I can’t pinpoint if it is because of these enhancements, or it is just a coincidence.  After taking the pill, I felt extremely constipated, but after the gummy, complete opposite.  Again, not sure there is a correlation, but let’s keep this in mind as we move onto the next two products in the Pink Pussycat line.

pink pussycat liquid shot
Pink Pussycat Liquid Shot

I next moved onto the shot because I figured I could easily mask it by food and drink in case it tasted bad or was going to give me another bad reaction.  It didn’t taste great, but it wasn’t as disgusting as the gummy but water and beer didn’t remove the after taste, nor did the food I shoveled in my face after.  I think this is key in my bad reactions because I did not get the same ‘high’ feeling as I had previously – I wasn’t hot, my eyes weren’t spinning, but I also did not feel like I was experiencing ANYTHING.  This was until I went to go home from Sexy Bingo and randomly, I felt like I was going to throw up.  I still CANNOT confirm this was a result of me taking the shot because at this point, we are HOURS after me ingesting it and I tend to get sick immediately if my stomach doesn’t agree with something (ask my college friends about jell-o shots).

Finally this weekend… I made it… I saved the ‘best for last’ – the thing flying off our stock room shelves to the point where we can’t even keep them up front because of all the online orders we receive.  Pink Pussycat Honey. At this point, I also had the Gold Lion Honey for Him to give to King Big Cream to try with me, but it also took a LOT of willpower to take the honey.  I was terrified of how it would taste or how I would react. I wasn’t entirely wrong because both honeys initial and after taste were gross and wouldn’t go away at all.  The honey is not like normal honey – it’s very grainy.  Normally I wouldn’t mind it, sometimes honey crystalizes, but because I knew it wasn’t sweet/pure honey, I had a hard time wanting to take it.  I didn’t even try to mix it with anything because 1) I was in new lingerie that was very comfy and did not want to get dressed to go to the kitchen and 2) it was too late – Big Cream already downed the whole thing and I had to follow suit.  I probably asked him every 15 minutes how he felt – I had a pressure like headache almost immediately.  It wasn’t until maybe about 45 minutes in that he said his eyes started to hurt, behind them (like a pressure/sinus headache).  At some point, we also noticed both our eyes were extremely itchy (the least expected side effect yet).

pink pussycat honey sexual enhancement

Gradually we made it to the bed and do what we normally do to get in the mood.  I don’t feel like any of these things increase my libido if I wasn’t already in the mood (like taking it at work – I wasn’t in the office humping our mannequins), rather, I had the energy to engage in our foreplay and wanting to please Big Cream more… but our eyes were so oddly heavy.  Not tired heavy, but maybe dry and we both kept wanting to close them during this time.  He felt like he was much more sensitive and although I don’t think like he had more girth to him (which some pills claim), he felt like he was harder than usual right off the bat.  Here’s the thing though, I wanted to test HIS limits, so I purposely made sure I was working hard to get him to cum – and I did (hard core winky face).  I also noticed while he was ejaculating, it was much stronger.  I couldn’t tell if there was more semen, but I also don’t sit there and measure or weigh what he emits.

Final Thought and a Plea for Help

I know this blog is much longer than most, but I wanted to be sure that I got everything out in case someone else has this experience and they think to themselves “am I the only one?” No, you’re not!  Okay… maybe I am the only one.  But being an outlier can be just as beneficial as the group of people who do enjoy whatever the heck effect you are supposed to get from it.  If I had to rank them by taste or easiest to take, I’d go with the pill because there is no taste (so long as you are swallowing it immediately and not letting it dissolve on your tongue).  If it were by effect, I might go with the honey because I did not have any real adverse reactions compared to others and no possible stomach issues linked to taking it unlike the other 3 forms.  I don’t necessarily think I would ever do these again (willingly), but I might try the honey in a drink after I recuperate from being a guinea pig to write this blog.

And I ask again nicely – TikTok, PLEASE stop.  Just let the professionals investigate things first before you send us all on a frenzy.

Stay Sexual Scoopers!

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  • Yonna

    It did the opposite for me. At first I felt hot, disoriented… then after a while although I was in the mood my vaginal was experiencing extreme dryness which is rare and weird for me because I never deal with that.

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