Men's Health and Sexual Wellness

June is also men’s Health Awareness Month and this really covers EVERYTHING you can think of – physical health, mental health, and of course, sexual health and wellness. Yes, there are a few months dedicated to specific things for penis-owners, however, June is intended to be an encouragement for those who identify as men (cis or trans) to seek a professional. It may seem silly at first, but the reality is that only 3 in 5 men get annual check-ups and are less likely to seek out any mental health services. Minority men are even less likely to go to a check-up or talk to a professional about their mental health and this could be due to other social and economic expectations (or even stereotypes).

What Can Be Done?

There are tons of ways everyone (men, women, cis or trans) can help battle the gendered expectation for men to be “fine”. The first is to open up – talk about it. This may actually be the hardest step because for some people, it has been heavily ingrained in past generations that men aren’t supposed to talk to express their feelings (unless it is anger). That also means that those of us who identify as women, should also be open to hearing men out. This doesn’t have to be a verbal or face-to-face conversation – allow men to express themselves that feels natural or easiest to them. As weird as it sounds, boys and men find it hard to discuss serious things face-to-face. Try talking from another room, sending a text, or even a string of emojis that best explain what is going on.

Some other things that can be done is working on the things that CAN be controlled. Since COVID, many people have been finding their worth creating the Great Resignation movement in which workers are asking for more/better pay, wanting benefits, and just being able to have boundaries set in place – a handful of reasons for this was due to the need to increase a workers own mental health. In other terms, it is all about setting boundaries which is important in any relationship – with your work, with your peers, family, and even YOURSELF. State your boundaries because without them, it can not only cause burnout but start affecting your physical, mental, and sexual health.

Increasing Sexual Wellness

If you are not sure where to start with tackling some mental health and sexual wellness issues, you can start by reading on the connection between the two – but that is just a starting point. If you have already begun working on your physical and mental health but still need some pointers when it comes to the bedroom, Fantasy Gifts NJ has products for penis-owners that may do the trick!

  • Cock rings are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to help get you erect and keep it for longer. You’ll want to make sure you place it around the shaft (or balls and shaft if comfortable) while still flaccid or semi-erect. This will help the blood stay longer allowing you to enjoy oral or penetrative sex longer and may give you an additional girth. Start with a stretchy ring before you go into anything too rigid. You can also get one that vibrates for your partners stimulation as well!
  • Pumps are the next step up from cock-rings in helping you get and maintain your erection, especially if you struggle more with bringing blood to your genital area. You will need to use a cock ring in addition to the pumps to help keep that blood where you want it
  • Prostate products are great for additional stimulation during sex and create an even better orgasm for you – if you are interested and willing to give it a try! Prostate milking is beneficial for your prostate help and can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and help your bladder! However, if you do have cancer or suspect you may have prostate cancer, you do not want to attempt this massage as some doctors do believe there is a correlation to the spread of prostate cancers.
  • Strokers are great when maybe you want to give yourself ‘exercise’ to build back up strength on your own. This are also great to consider for someone who has experience trauma and may not be ready to have a physical connection with another individual. Not to mention, masturbation is good for your physical and mental health in general!
  • Sometimes its not about bringing in a toy, but working on intimacy in other ways like using games or lubricants
  • Pills and other enhancements should be your very last resort because other health conditions (i.e. high blood pressure, heart issues, allergic reactions to formulas, etc.). Always talk to you doctor before using them to be sure it is safe enough.

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