Lady Genevieve Reviews the Loveline Joy

Lady Genevieve

It’s been a hot minute since I reviewed a finger vibe and the Loveline Joy has been calling out to me since we brought it in. I really wanted to cover this product because not only is it a fresh line, but it can somewhat be used as a lay-on vibe (which we really don’t have many of those). With this being the first product I’m reviewing after being post-partum and cleared for spicy time – it had my creative juices flowing!

The Basics

loveline joy finger vibe
Loveline Joy

If you haven’t yet, you can catch a glimpse of the Loveline Joy on my finger on our TikTok account! I covered the basics but just a recap – the Loveline Joy is made of silicone, phthalate and latex-free (aka body safe), and waterproof because of it’s magnetic rechargeable capabilities. Now, the Joy is IPX6 which is waterproof but NOT submersible so do not ruin your toy by keeping it under the water for too long or at a large depth. Also, the magnetic connection is where you slip your finger in so you can’t use it on your finger while charging. Side note: unless a toy explicitly states you can use it while plugged in or charging – please don’t.

The Joy has one button to turn on (hold for 3 seconds), switch functions (a quick click) and turn off (hold for 3) and that can make it a great option for beginners. It has 10 functions: 3 speeds and 7 patterns. For those interested, a few of the lines from Shots (one of our fave manufacturers) provides Stimufacts on the boxes (AND ITS REALLY CUTE BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE A NUTRITIONAL VALUE BOX BUT ANYWAY…) and this product provides a noise decible level at 60db. Now, it’s louder than a whisper, but I felt as though it still wasn’t extremely loud – very important for living in small quarters or having no alone time with crotch goblins running around. Did I mention this toy is under $50?!

She Shoots, She Scores?

Like I said, juices were FLOWING when I got a hold of the Loveline Joy. I used it for the obvious (clitoral stimulation) and yes it worked despite it being a tad more buzzy than I like, but I really wanted to discuss what ELSE it could be used on. If there is one thing in life I am certain of with my body, it is that nipple stimulation will always be something I need to help with initial arousal or getting me to orgasm (and yes, Big Cream is totally aware of this and does his job right every time). While using another toy, I actually used the Loveline Joy on my nipples and sure, they don’t replace his fingers or tongue, it certainly helped me get to my big O. I had Big Cream also try it on for size (seriously, he has some meaty hands) and I was very surprised he could get it on. He said it was tight but it fit and most finger vibes don’t fit him at all. He was even able to at least keep the smaller ring of silicone around his finger and kept the tip out and was still able to use it that way!

Because of its shape and how long it is, you can actually use it while with a partner to help stimulate during any type of penetrative, oral or anal play – with the touch of a finger (wink wink). One thing I didn’t think to try at the time, but came after the fact was using it as a tool for hand or blow jobs. I mean, why not?!

It was kind of hard to find anything negative about the Loveline Joy with the exception of don’t insert this anally and the buzzy-ness that I simply don’t enjoy (but that’s me, myself and I). With it being a gender neutral toy – intentional or not, that’s always a plus too – I can’t see anyone going wrong with the Loveline Joy!

Stay Sexual!

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