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One thing you’ll get to know about me is that I enjoy small and powerful toys.  I like to be able to travel with them and hide them easily.  I prefer external/clitoral stimulation and I prefer any color besides Malibu Barbie pink.  Also, if you’ve ever had to tackle a toddler running down the hall with a purple dildo to show “pop-pop”, you’d also understand the desire for smaller vibes.  You can probably pull open a couple of my drawers open at home and find my go-to toys packed away and under clothes so I don’t have to take out my big Rubbermaid container and displace everything in there just to find my friends.  So, why am I about to gush over the Midnight Bodywand?  Oh you are missing OUT if you don’t already know!  

I’ve been at Fantasy Gifts NJ for a year now, and one thing that customers have sold me on is investing in a Bodywand.  They have either owned the Hitachi Magic Wand for years and were just in need of something new (hey, sometimes even great quality products need to be laid to rest after a few decades) or they had been dedicated to the Bodywand since its release in 2013.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the significance in the name of the Hitachi Magic Wands, you’ve probably seen them in a scene or two of some of your favorite pornos.  If you haven’t yet …. you’ve got some homework to do.

I became the proud owner of the 8 inch Midnight Plug-in massager this past summer and it has been quite the adventure.  I was a little nervous to try it at first because 1) it is a large toy and if it is causing my nose to tingle or go numb for several minutes after testing it out, I’m unfortunately expecting it to give me rug burn8 and 2) how does one maneuver around the cord?!  Welp, I figured it all out and it’s definitely worth getting to know it!  It has got the surface buzz going on, but it does have the deep rumbling vibrations that actually get me wet.  Because if the big surface and the buzz, I do need to apply lube before the use or else I will feel itchy or dry on the hood of my clitoris.  I always have strong orgasms and I had squirted a couple of times while using my Bodywand so this toy is my go-to when I’m in the mood for a full body experience.  I would even use it over my clothes sometimes and I LOVE that I can do that when I do have to be quick.  The cord is also NO problem.  It’s so long that you can still move around in different parts of your room and use it with a partner without yanking the plug out of the wall but not long enough that you’ll get tangled up in it!  It can be pretty simple to use because it does have a dial to adjust the power, but depending on who is using it (yourself or your partner), it may take some getting used to in which direction you need to dial it.  My partner enjoyed it just as much as I did when I used it on him so it is definitely a wonderful couples play toy as well as singular play, which I hugely appreciate.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the 8 foot long cord.  As I previously mentioned, it is long enough to move around with but not too long it’ll get tangled or stuck and cause issues.  This also means that you will NEVER lose power because it is constantly plugged into the wall.  The downside is that you cannot use it unplugged so I certainly would not recommend bringing it with you on a camping trip or during a layover for a flight.  The next is the tip, which is TPE plastic.  That may cause it to be a little more porous than silicone so – and this does not mean silicone doesn’t need to be cleaned after every use because it does but – you should be sure to keep up with the best hygiene regimen as possible. This DOES allows users to use silicone lube as well And it avoids the discoloration you may seen in the white tips of the Hitachi Magic Wands.  Bodywand happens to have attachments to give you the idea of multiple toys in one.  It can also fit various Hitachi attachments as well! In this case, you will have to pay attention to the material it is made out of – no silicone tip on silicone lube action, ya feel me?  Also, imagine the tip facing the ceiling – when standing, the dial will be pulled down to turn on and increase power.  This is because when you are holding the tip toward yourself, it is wheeled away from your body, which felt more natural to me when I used it.  The Bodywand line holds a wide variety of sizes and power sources you can look into if the size or the plug-in cord is not for you.

Overall, it is a toy you do have to get to know to fully enjoy but once you do it is 100% worth buying.  It is great for personal play as well as partner play and not just for heterosexual couples.  FOREPLAY IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE.  Use it for a relaxing massage before you get down to business.  Use it while you’re getting down to business.  I always talk about a “magic wand” to help everyone’s problem’s go away and this is pretty damn close to what I mean.

Unplugging for the night,

Lady Genevieve

*In the industry, we usually test out toys on our nose to simulate how it’s going to feel on us.  Not always accurate but it is often the most reliable tell-tale of how strong it will be for the user.

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