Lady Genevieve Reviews Zolo Blowstation

Lady Genevieve

This is a review I have been DYING to get done because of it’s recognition (or similar products) found in Pornhub ads or on TikTok – the Zolo Blowstation! Sure, I don’t have the hardware to use it, so that why I have King Big Cream help! He never EVER asks for a product to review. He will just take whatever is given to him – except this time when he came into the store for a quick visit… he saw it. And like a little kid, he asked when did we start stocking the Blowstation and when was he getting one. So of course, I got him one! Well, the owner got him one.

How I Hoped It Would Go

zolo blowstation
Zolo Blowstation

Having Cream verbally tell me he wanted to try something was/is very exciting and surprising for me because he really never asks or shows too much interest in some of the products I give him. He has his favorite from years ago and takes very good care of it – the Zolo Automatic Blowjob so the move towards another potential product was mind blowing. When I brought it home for him, his face light up like a Christmas Tree and I knew he was excited to get the one reviewed. This product looks like a gaming controller/system which is perfect for any gamers (with a penis of course). It also holds your phone so you can enjoy whatever gets ya off while spending your time messing with the masturbator rather than holding your phone. I wouldn’t call Cream or anyone else ‘lazy’ for using product… this is efficiency! Believe it or not, it’s also an easy clean because the sleeve comes out so you don’t have to worry about bringing the WHOLE thing to the sink to clean and it’s easy to put back. So there is a lot of hope for the Blowstation.

How It Actually Went

Zolo Blowstation

As most toys, this of course had both pros and cons. Initially, it seemed that there were more cons than anything. The first thing that I knew going into setting up the Blowstation is that there is an MICRO-SIZED SCREW that you need fairy sized fingers to get it in the hole to stabilize the phone holder. I have tiny hands and it was near impossible for me to get let alone Cream and his sausage fingers. The other con that I figured would be a problem but wasn’t sure until it was used was how bulky it was – and I was right. Because Cream has a bigger body, it can be difficult to hold or utilize it and the phone holder. He initially wasn’t sure he was going to use it again and even though I encourage trying multiple times, I also don’t want to force him to keep using something he doesn’t like. However, he ended up using it a few more times out of convenience, but it changed some of his perception.

After using the Blowstation a few more times, he found some pros that he was happy to report to me. Similar to most toy users, he isn’t entirely a fan of the morse code that even penis toys receive from their manufacturers. However, he said that even though he prefers the consistent stroking, he actually found some of the patterns pleasant! He also loved how it heated up a good temperature which made masturbation even MORE relaxing than it usually is. Also, he found that having the controls on the right side was helpful because he didn’t have to think on remembering what to use on the left side.

A few other things that I did want to point out that, yes would be more cons, but can’t not be mentioned because they’re going to be important in your decision for buying or gifting the Blowstation. Despite this looking like a gaming control and having a phone holder, it does not connect to any VR gaming or porn sites, it is simply aesthetics. Also, after Cream mentioned that all the functioning buttons are on the right side, that means some left-handed individuals might struggle or not be able to be use the Blowstation. Despite having some of these cons and having some initial dislike or uncertainty to the Blowstation, Cream made the point to truly take in all this into consideration because it is a bit of an investment, but if you have someone that could definitely have more pros when using it, it would be worth it!

Stay Sexual!

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