Lady Genevieve Reviews We-Vibe’s Moxie Panty Vibe

Lady Genevieve

In the couple of years that I have been writing blogs, I have been waiting to get my hands on a
panty vibe. I could have grabbed a few different ones, but between knowing they had to go
with a panty set or they only had one way of using it (i.e. a bulky and obvious ring controller), I
wasn’t too interested in wasting my time or energy on something I felt like was not going to
work for me. I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover BUT I’m I have the childbearing hips
going on so I knew the underwear wasn’t gonna work for me. Also, I just DON’T like the look of
a ring – no matter HOW amazing a toy was, there is just some aesthetics that you can’t see past
and, for me, it’s the ring.

FINALLY one of my favorite and dependable companies came out with their own magnetic
panty vibe and I knew they had me in mind (THANK YOU we-vibe!). The We-Vibe Moxie was
released a couple years back now, so admittedly, I am a little behind, but this is what happens
when life has a choke-hold on me. However, I can also say that I was able to truly experience
several months of trying this toy our before reviewing BECAUSE of how many ways it can be

Lets start off with talking a little more about what makes the Moxie, well, the Moxie:
This little guy is a little bigger than one of the pink school erasers – you know, the
ones that you NEVER finish in a whole school year but you still buy a new one every year? Yea
those ones. It is made of silicone except for the magnetic clip that you attach to either the
inside of your underwear flap (if you wear ‘womens’ underwear, you’ll understand) or just
attach to the outside of it – it is VERY strong and has not slipped off at all any of the times I
have worn it like this. There are 10 vibrations total: 4 power levels of continuous vibrations and
6 vibe patterns that I never use unless Big Cream would accidentally scroll through them when
trying to get to that last powerful vibration I like. It’s go the usual magnetic charge that we-
vibe/WOW-tech utilize on their products and it is waterproof, whisper quiet (kind of) and
remote controlled …. By actual provided controller OR by app.. Yup, I got myself another app
controlled toy.

we vibe moxie

But let me tell you why the app actually WORKS BEST for this panty vibe toy. Being out IN
PUBLIC when know one arounds you knows that it is on or that your partner is teasing/pleasing
you without actually touching you is so frickin fun, not to mention the thought ALONE can get
you wet or excited. So yea, this is FINALLY the time I say USE THE APP WITH THIS TOY.
Overall, I do like the Moxie. As I stated, We-Vibe doesn’t tend to disappoint me with their
products. Strong vibes I love, different colors, sleek styles. They are more high-end products
and I can’t disagree with their price points because of the great quality of their products. Using
this toy by myself, I must admit wasn’t as fun as I thought. Yes, it absolutely did its job, but
something in my heart (my clit maybe?) was saying “no, this isn’t the best, you want your air
pulse toys”. I still grab it as another option when I forget to charge them, but it’s not my go-to
for solo play.

Big Cream and I have used it while having sex and that was much more fun! It
was small enough that I could hold it on my clit while he was behind me or lay it on it while he
was on top! For these purposes, we used the button on the Moxie because it was the easiest
way to change the functions. The remote was used for some exhibitionistic/voyeuristic play
when Big Cream would like to just watch me get off using the toy, which I did still hold up
myself OR I threw them on a pair of my underwear for the full effect.

panty vibe

The BEST time using it was wearing it OUT and him using the controls on the app. This was amazing BECAUSE it was

out in public (but no worries, we were clothed and I kept it together) and no one knew it was
going on. As many of you know, I am not a huge fan of the app when using it myself (takes away
from my porn watching abilities and too much time thinking instead of relaxing) BUT in this
case, I have someone else using it and controlling it – by speed or strength, making his own
vibration patterns, and even using sound too. This allowed me to enjoy the product as it was
intended to be made! I even offered Big Cream to give it a go and he said no, but it’s his loss.
This panty vibe is definitely for someone who enjoys the secretive little play out in public who is
willing to splurge a little for the best quality. Not saying that you can’t enjoy those other panty
vibes, however, my personal opinion/preference wants me to tell you that this is worth getting
from the very beginning of your curiosity being piqued.

Stay Sexual my Scoopers!

* This article was updated on December 1, 2022 to reflect the Moxie+ which is still the same toy, but with a new remote!

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