September 8 - Sex & Aging

Sex is such an amazing emotional and physical moment that is experienced by just about anyone, especially older adults. That’s right – we aren’t supposed to stop having sex as we age, rather we should be enjoying it MORE! Sex can be used as a tool to keep us physically and mentally healthy as well as continue to create and strengthen social and emotional bonds with others. Not to mention it just feels good! We recognize that there is a stigma surrounding sex and aging, but not only is it dissipating, but we know sometimes it is fact because of any physical or mental disabilities humans develop with age. This should not stop you from being able to enjoy yourself – solo or with a partner!

Tips and Tricks

  • Communication is always key especially with a partner. Make sure you talk with them your interests, expectations, boundaries and you can even express your fears. Doing so can open the door to intimacy with your partner outside of sexual activity and make an future sexual endeavors that must more meaningful and feel wonderful!
  • Expand your definition of sex. Where there are physical and mental limitations to having ‘normal’ sex, you and your partner can redefine what you consider sex. This can mean including mutual masturbation, using toys, sexting and dirty talk, or even just heaving petting.
  • Continue practicing safe sex. If you are with a new partner (because, yes, older adults DO date), it is still very important that you still practice safe sex with using condoms and getting tested. This also can include maintaining a healthy lifestyle and seeing medical professionals with any question you may have about age related concerns (i.e. heart conditions, menopause, and even you or a partner having dementia).
  • Toys are your teammates! They are not intended to take the place of anyone if you are having sex with a partner. And if you’re engaging in solo play – there’s toys and other positioning products intended for you if you are experiencing some limitations.

Not Too Old for Toys

Here are some of our favorite picks for everyone to enjoy:

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