What is it about coloring that so relaxes us?

Maybe it takes us back to a simpler time when all we had to worry about was staying within the lines.  Or maybe it continues to encourage us to color outside the lines in all aspects of our lives.  Whatever the reason, coloring for adults has become all the rage and we at Fantasy Gifts have jumped on the bandwagon!

Coloring for Grown-Ups: The Adult Activity Book was created by Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen,  two veterans of offbeat Internet humor.  Hunter and Jensen hilariously combine the mindless fun of children’s coloring books with the mind-numbing realities of modern adult life.  With over 200 comedy videos and 75 million Youtube views to their credit, Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen know how to make people laugh. Their YouTube video, “Hipster Olympics” racked up nearly three million hits and quickly attained worldwide cult status, which led to opportunities to create original content for Comedy Central, MTV, College Humor, the Huffington Post, The Onion and Slate.

Now, the duo put their prolific creative talents to work in Coloring for Grown-Ups. The artwork resembles that of a children’s activity book, while actually offering an ironic look at the stereotypes, habits, and challenges of modern adulthood. Darkly humorous—and fun for any occasion — you can find similar coloring books in store and online!

More DIY Activities

Once you’ve completed the book, you might want to break into other DIY categories.  Try our Clone a Willy Kit.  This kit allows any man to immortalize his penis in body safe silicone, perfectly replicating every tiny detail!  Have fun casting this mold, alone or with a partner!

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