Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug

Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug
(3 customer reviews)


  • Manufacturer: XR Brands
  • Materials: Silicone and Faux Fur
  • Color: Black plug, Pink bunny tail, Grey and White fox tails
  • Plug insertable length: 3.2 inches, widest insertable diameter: 1.3 inches


Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug

Let your wild side come out to play with the Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug with animal tails from XR Brands! This set comes with 3 different tail attachments. Enjoy switching between a pink rabbit tail, a gray fox tail and a white fox tail. Mix and match with your other accessories and outfits to make into a costume.

The premium silicone plug has a tapered tip that makes insertion easy and comfortable for all skill levels. Not only is the plug body-safe and comfy, it has a snap-on end that any compatible snap-on tail can attach to so that swapping tails is easy and mess-free!

To use, simply use your favorite water based lubricant on the pre-cleaned and sanitized plug, insert completely, then attach the tail you desire! Enjoy sashaying around with a tail to wiggle or swish as you strut your stuff! To clean, wash plug with warm water and a toy cleaner. Wipe tail clean with a damp cloth and a small amount of toy cleaner. Blow dry fur with a blow-dryer on the cool or cold setting. Do not use heat.


  • Interchangeable Tails: This set comes with 3 interchangeable tails so you can easily play as any animal you desire! The ends of each tail attach to the snap-on silicone anal plug so you can easily switch tails.
  • Premium Silicone Plug: Body safe silicone is silky smooth and pleasurable to touch. Increase the shelf life by only using water or oil based lubricants. The snap-on end is compatible with all Snap-on Tailz.
  • Tapered Tip: The perfect tip for beginners and advanced users alike; the tapered tip helps slip in the plug for gradual and comfortable insertion.
  • Faux Fur: Enjoy fur that is easy to wash, vegan friendly and keeps its color!


  • Plug insertable length: 3.2 inches, widest insertable diameter: 1.3 inches
  • Bunny tail length: 5 inches
  • Gray fox tail length: 20 inches
  • White fox tail length: 18.5 inches

Why Use Anal Plugs?

Anal Plugs can be used by both men and women. Anal plugs have tapered ends which are inserted into the anus. They have a bulbous shaft that will fill your anus! Anal play is fun because your anus has many sensitive nerve endings. It’s also the pathway to the P-Spot. The P-Spot is very similar to the G-Spot, not always easy to find but so worth the effort!  You can use them during submissive play, wear them in public, and engage in some DP action by wearing one during vaginal penetration. Butt plugs can also be used to stretch your anus. We suggest starting with a small plug and working your way up to larger plugs or gaping plugs. A trainer kit is ideal as it will have three or more different sized plugs.

Most anal plugs have a flared base to prevent it from going too far into the anus. Anal plugs come in a variety of materials including TPE, ABS, silicone or even glass. Remember to always use an anal lubricant when using a butt plug. Plugs should be clean before or after use with either soap and warm water or toy cleaner.

For more information on Anal Play, check out our blog! For more anal toys, click here.

3 reviews for Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug

  1. Kat

    Super cute set of fuzzy, snap-on tails so you can play as a different animal at a moments notice. Great starter sized plug, but a more experienced player may want a larger plug that is not included with this set.

  2. cait

    These are so cute! I love that I have options as to what I tail at any time. The tails are super soft and sooo much fun!

  3. Heather

    Love this kit! Super cute and easily interchangeable! 3 cute tails for a great price too

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