It’s officially Summer which means we have our quarterly Predictions & Trends! For this season, we’ll see some new and reoccurring trends within the space of sexuality and pleasure!

Space-y and Beyond!


anal adventures matrix genesis plug kitSpace-y and fantasy-esque themed toys are taking center stage recently and we love to see it! Some products to check out would be the Anal Adventures Matrix line, Creature Cocks, and even the Playboy line has a futuristic feel!

Wallet-friendly is more than a simple statement recently. With inflation and price increases everywhere, we are having many more people looking for look quality products that won’t break their bank. Check out our under $50 section online and in-store!  Some products you can find in there include the Nobu line and Selopa – a brand from our favorite Evolved Novelties manufacturer.
Speaking of wallet-wallet friendly, check out our Romp line!  It holds some of our newer air pulse toys that won’t break the bank but are still high quality – the same people who make We-Vibe and Womanizer make them as well! Air pulse (just think of the infamous rose) is still pretty steady with its popularity. It’s been around for 10-ish year, but became a staple during Covid. Still going strong 4 years later, we think it’ll be sticking around for a little while longer.
Remote and app-controlled devices are gaining more popularity and not because of the technology behind it – rather for the inclusivity of those with disability and other medical ailments. The app-controlled toys tend to be a bit more on the $$$ side, so finding products with physical remotes definitely helps off-set those costs. Check out the toys like the Gender X Beaded Pleasure probe or the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 with bluetooth capabilities.  Did you know Satisfyer products that are bluetooth compatible are also compatible with smart watches too?!
inmi shegasm mini clitoral stimulatorDiscreet toys are also very popular during this time because of all the vacations people are taking. A favorite product we stock is the PalmPower Pocket Massager with a cute little travel case and its whisper-quiet motor.  You can check out ALL the products that we deem travel friendly on our website, especially products that are TSA friendly and disposable!
And finally, sexuality in all it’s forms (i.e. abortion, same-sex marriage, education, etc.) is still at risk. Many educators are fighting to provide the education everyone needs because of shadow-banning and being removed entirely. We encourage everyone to continue to follow and share our stuff to help us be another voice in the social media space protesting the silence. Queer sex ed saves lives!

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