4 Bath and Shower Products & Toys To Amplify Your Pleasure

4 Bath and Shower Products & Toys To Amplify Your Pleasure

Pleasure is an essential part of self-care and self-love, and it’s important to dedicate time to it. At our sex shop near Philadelphia, we’re passionate about ensuring you experience heightened pleasure, even in the shower! Beyond traditional bath and shower pr oducts, we carry an array of toys, sprays, and creams to amplify your pleasure. Take a look at our most popular bath and shower products that will transform, excite, and delight you and your partner! 

Womanizer Wave Pleases In All The Right Places

Transform your shower into a sensual experience full of self-love with the Womanizer Wave Massager designed with your feminine pleasure in mind. As the first ever shower head developed with a woman’s self-pleasure in mind, select from different levels of water jets with an easy-to-use wand to get it just right. With a Womanizer Wave Massager, your shower will get longer and longer. Whether you experience this alone or during a sexy shower with your partner, the pleasure will be all yours! 

Waterproof Maximus Enhancement Ring 5 Stroker Beads To Please Together

Enjoy the Waterproof Maximus Enhancement Ring 5 Stroker Beads alone or with your partner! The vibrating ring is made of waterproof, soft, and stretchy material and designed with mutual pleasure in mind. Add more with the removable mini vibrating bullet and strategically placed stroking beads and love nodules that surprise, please, and satisfy. Designed for both his and her pleasure, enjoy experimenting with this toy together in or out of the shower! 

The Pleasure Is All Yours With Pocket Exotics Bullet

Please yourself or your partner with the oh-so-satisfying Pocket Exotics Bullet that sensually shoots and stimulates your senses to heaven and back. It’s the little things that create big satisfaction and this pocket toy delivers! Have fun enjoying new adventures in all the right places with this waterproof, silky smooth-to-the-touch compact bullet to take along to use whenever and wherever! 

Hemp Seed By Night Mellow Cooling and Refreshing Body Spray

Life is too short not to enjoy arousal and pleasure. Earthy Body brings us a miracle spray for calming and cooling hot flashes. The blend of witch hazel castor oil, hemp seed oil, and other naturally found, body-loving ingredients works wonders by instantly soothing and hydrating your skin, reducing inflammation, and taking away those uncomfortable burning hot flashes. Combine Hemp Seed By Night Mellow with our high-quality lubricants to get you in the mood and enjoy the natural arousal in areas that make you feel young and restless again.

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Bath and Shower Product To Amp Up Your Pleasure

Whether this is your first time using a bath and shower product to amplify your pleasure or you know the powerful results they offer, contact Fantasy Gifts, the best place to buy vibrators in the Philadelphia area. Our products make creative gift ideas for special occasions and just because. Shop and explore a whole new world of pleasure now!

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