Tis the Season for shopping madness and the hunt for deals as we have finally entered the 2022 holidays! Fantasy Gifts NJ has thought long and hard on how we can give you, our customers, the best experience while shopping with us on these couple of hectic days in search of holiday cheer and have decided to go with: free money. Yup – sounds crazy but it makes sense. If you are a part of our loyalty program, you may already know that for every $50 you spend, you will get $1 in rewards. They never expire and you can let it build up or use it at your next purchase and your information is never shared. For every purchase you make, whether you are already a part of the program or if you sign up on Friday, November 25th, will get DOUBLE the points for your purchase.

We also wanted to do a little something extra for Small Business Saturday – a free goodie bag thanks to on of distributors, East Coast News, to the first 25 shoppers in the Turnersville and Marlton locations! There is no purchase necessary for these goodie bags, just show up to shop!

Reminders for Our In-Store Shoppers

There are a few new store policies and updates that comply with the NJ law that have gone into effect this year and we would like to remind you of those updates:

  • Our bag policy is that all large bags are to be kept inside a car or can be given to our associate to hold behind the counter. Smaller bags and wallets can be held onto as you walk the store.
  • For those trying on any lingerie, you must notify an associate that you will be in need of the fitting rooms. The associate on the floor will take the lingerie from you, count how many you have and give you a tag with the number or lingerie you have picked – you can have a maximum of 3 piece in with you at a time. No bags are permitted into the fitting room at any time. Once you have finished trying on the lingerie, you will need to return them to the sales associate.
  • Being in NJ also means no more plastic bags. We do have brown paper bags to help if you have forgotten your reusable bags at home, however, they will cost an additional $0.25 (fortunately that purchase is also included in your rewards points!).

Need Some Gifts Ideas?

During the next few weeks, we will be giving you some gift ideas that you can purchase in store or online for everyone (over the age of 18) on your list. Be sure to stay tuned to our weekly blogs posts and sign up for our weekly newsletters as well for all information on products, events, and store hours.

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