Everyone Deserves A Massage Week

Chances are you’ve heard that “self-care is important and you need to find the time to take it” about a million times . Well, here is your millionth and 1 person saying the it’s true, it is important and should be done regularly. Daily tasks and chores consume our lives, let alone the craziness of the past 2 years and things not totally back to this idea of ‘normal’, finding time or money for a professional massage may be difficult or uncomfortable (if you don’t want a stranger toughing you). However, massages don’t have to be expensive and they can be given by a partner to help make you feel more comfortable, but also help increase intimacy. Here are some steps and products that will help give you a 5-star spa quality massage:

Setting The Mood

Candles are a go-to for setting the mood for massages because they can give off the perfect ambiance and a sweet smell that will have them swooning. With Kama Sutra massage candles, you can turn that mood setter into the opening act while you drip the melted candle wax onto your partners body. Maybe you want a specific scent that needs to be mixed together to create or something that has no scent at all – System JO has many options to choose from that can range from the usual oil based to a silicone base that lasts longer. For those that also enjoy kissing or being kissed by their partner during intimacy, Dona by JO also has kissable massage oil sets for both you and your partner to enjoy and all that will go easy on your wallet.

Added Pressure

When needing an extra hand or of you or your partner prefers pin-point pressure, Fantasy Gifts also has some tools that would give off deep tissue massage vibes. Fuzu has a glove and a roller ball that can be used on any body part of any person in any type of intimate relationship. You can even use these over clothes in G-rated situations (kids running around, guests visiting, etc.) that will still provide you and your partner with intimacy even if it doesn’t mean laying naked in bed. System JO also offers a massage kit with their all-in-one massage, a candle, and manual massager that can help get you started on a mini massage break. We also carry the Bodywand Versawand Body Massager that is perfect for those super sore or super tense areas and with the Bodywand quality behind it so you know exactly what you’re purchasing!

versawand body massager

Other ‘Types’ of Massages

All-In-One products or places can be a hit or miss, but there are times when they really do come in handy when not only pressed for time but also on a budget. Here are some statements that may help you rethink certain actions into a handy-dandy playbook during these times:

  • If you don’t have a partner readily available, masturbation can be thought as form of self-massage and can help decrease stress in multiple ways. Pick up a masturbator, a vibrator, a wand, or whatever floats your boat and give yourself a massage.
  • Mutual masturbation is another way to give your partner a massage while also engaging in sexual pleasure. Use a heating or cooling lubricant or some CBD stimulants to help increase that pleasure.
  • Oral can be another type of massage, just done in a non-traditional way of using lips and tongues. For the person giving, grab your favorite flavored lube for your enjoyment and for the receiver, you can just get comfy and enjoy the ride!

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