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One of my new favorite things to review is the stuff I am not sure I will like because it can be a surprise for you AND me as I get my final thoughts into a blog. Electric/electro/e-stim products, in particular, can be intimidating because even static electricity can scare (as my daughter would say) the chickens out of anyone.  But do not fear! These toys are actually pretty relaxing at lower levels and do not leave you numb or in pain – in fact, they may help reduce some pain (think of a TENS system on your muscles!) HOWEVER, I have a full disclosure right now: for individuals with heart issues and implants, these should NOT be used. Regardless if you can use them or not, I recommend you still read on for both informational purposes and for you entertainment.

Kinklab’s Neon Eletro Wand

Neon Electro Wand

Kinklab’s Neon Electro Wand was probably one of the first big purchases from my store and, although I use them infrequently, I am so happy I made that purchase because it was a product that I branched out on and was not disappointed. First things first, yes, it does need to be plugged into an outlet in order to work, however the cord is pretty long. For those familiar with Bodywand or The Magic Wand – I would say it is still a little shorter than their cords. None the less, you still have plenty of cord to roam with and I wouldn’t recommend getting too crazy if this is your first time with this equipment.  The kit includes 4 glass attachments: a comb, mushroom tube, 90 degree probe, and a tongue tube (to be honest, if that’s what it is used for, I’m not even ready to try that).  They all create somewhat different sensations because of how they are made, and I can tell I do favor the mushroom tube when using the wand.  I highly recommend inserting the tube first and making sure that the wand is turned totally off before plugging in.  I did get shocked in a not so good way ONCE but because I was not careful and did not push the tube in all the way (see, even us experienced folk run into some mishaps).  It did not hurt, it was… for lack of a better term… shocking, but I can imagine the fear that may come in if you have any health problems.  This is a toy I would certainly consult with your doctor prior to using.  For the record – these tubes are actually used for facials…. real facials …get your minds out of the gutters!  The electrodes help clear your skin or boost collagen (somehow, I’m not exactly sure or even qualified to say how), but if it is safe enough for that use, it’s safe enough for me (again I repeat, I am NOT a doctor). 

This product for me wasn’t about the orgasm, rather it is about the journey to total relaxation. I actually found it ticklish on some part of my body!  The thicker the skin, the harder it is to feel so you can make increase the power of the electricity in the tubes.  As you go to your more sensitive parts (inner arms, thighs, and genitals), I would recommend turning down the intensity until you know where your threshold is and what is comfortable for you. I did not love, nor did I hate the feeling against those sensitive areas, but when using, I tend to avoid instant or direct contact and will opt to stay on my thighs and knees (that’s a story for another time). You can use this product directly (tube to skin) or indirectly (person to person).  Either way, this is an experience for the books.

The wand I have has a white handle with purple neon lights (but if available for special order, can be special ordered for the different colors).  The best part about the neon colors is that they do put a disclaimer on the box/instructions that the different shades of colors are due to the amounts of gas an electrodes – meaning you could have a truly unique piece accidentally (but still safe – don’t worry)!  The handle is made from PVC plastic while the tubes are copper with glass rods.  There are also other add-ons you can purchase, but those would be also be special order (though I would at least look into what you can get because it may be more enticing than you think). This kit (or really any other neon wand kit) is on the higher end price wise, but it is a GREAT quality toy that will last and is worth the experience.

Volt Electro Beads

volt electro beads
Volt Electro Beads

Since my last experience with Calexotics, I also decided to take my chances on their Volt Electro Beads and see if I could not only handle this “shockingly good” product, but what it really does to someone’s body when they use it. It did take me sometime to really feel comfortable using it against my body because, unlike the electro wand, this is something you insert. I was able to play with some testers at the store and decided it wasn’t terrible – I actually had a shock ball game back in grade school that I really enjoyed (… this may explain a lot). I pulled it out of the box and did my usually ‘play with the buttons and figure out the features’ thing. When held upright, the ON button is at the bottom (and this HAS to be turned on first before the other buttons), the top button is to turn on the e-stim, and the middle is for vibrations. So… not only am I inserting something in an ‘out hole’ (as my co-worker would say), but I am also going to be shocking it with steady waves. I actually decided to try on my around my vulva/inside my vagina first because I they beads are practically the same to the other wands from Calexotics. Yea, no, I didn’t like that at all. I had it on the lowest setting with the vibrations off and barely inserted – I yanked them right out. When I worked up the courage to try them as their true form of anal beads… surprisingly a totally different story.

“This is it.” I got out my Wicked Aqua Sensitive lube out (shameless name drop for my fave), got in a comfortable position on my back, inserted the beads and then turned on the electro button. I did slightly jump a little because it was the first time I felt in on that sensitive area, but it afterwards it felt like the weirdest massage ever. It was as if I could feel my colon and intestines doing a weird dance and again, it kind of tickled! I lasted a bit with them inserted, but after a while I realized I was just laughing from the experience rather than enjoying it to orgasm, but that doesn’t mean it won’t do the job for you!

These beads are made with silicone, which actually makes them very flexible and they move with your body. The Volt line uses plates on both sides of the product and both have to be touched in order for it to be activated – that means even if the e-stim button is on, it won’t give the ‘shock’ effect unless both sides are touched. They are rechargeable, however, they are NOT intended to be used around water (for obvious reasons but just in case it’s not I’m telling you now). You can wash them with toy cleaner as you would other toys, but they are by no means splash proof when in use.

These toys are definitely intended for more advanced users, however, they can be used by any gender or sexualities. Use these with caution and please, ask to test them out prior to purchasing if you have never experienced e-stim stimulation before.

Stay Sexual!

*This review was updated on October 21, 2022 to reflect a change in product availability.

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