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Lance always tells people that I’m smarter than him, but I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily true – we’re different kinds of smart.  Some of the few things he knows more about are sports, shoes, and cars.  He’s given me insight on why certain cars are easier to fix and less expensive to fix than other, more expensive cars are to fix.  This can fall into the category of why there are older cars out there that can be more reliable than the new, technologically advanced cars out there we see on the road now.  Why I am able to understand this is because I took his information and applied it to what I do know – sometimes corded is better than not (I’m looking at you Body Wand Aqua).

Shout out to the person who handles the Body Wand IG as they were sending out Body Wands to those willing to review them – they even checked in asking what products we already have so we wouldn’t get a double!  They kindly sent me the Body Wand Aqua (which apparently only comes in one color – pink and white – but beggars can’t be choosers) and as I promised, I am giving them an honest review.

Bodywand Aqua Mini in Black

Most of my reviews have been one or the other – I’ve either hated it or I’ve loved it.  This is one of the few times I am uncertain in my feelings.  I try to avoid battery powered toys for a few reasons: usually they have less power compared to a rechargeable toy (and in this case, also corded), and despite the waterproof claim, water getting into where the batteries are could potentially break the toy. Plus, no one wants to constantly make sure they have batteries in the house to use a toy where masturbating its probably more spontaneous than planned – a literal BUZZKILL.  I did feel as though it wasn’t AS powerful as it’s corded cousin that I admire greatly, but it still got me to my goal and I didn’t have to switch to something else to finish (thank you, Sky Daddy).  I did bring it in the shower with me and survived, but I also wiped it down VERY well to ensure that any possibility of left over droplets wouldn’t make it on the inside of the wand.  As a reminder, WATERPROOF DOES NOT MEAN SUBMERSIBLE PEOPLE.

xgen aqua body wand

I am, however, very impressed with some of the other features that the Body Wand Aqua has that my Body Wand Midnight does not – first off, a silicone head.  When I reviewed my Midnight, I mentioned that lube is pretty much a necessity because it felt like it was burning my clit off.  Despite the similar sized head, the silicone was not as intense and I initially used less lube and moved onto none occasionally without issue.  The silicone head may also have been why it was not as powerful, BUT for once when a company boasts “ subdued sound levels” THEY ACTUALLY MEAN IT.  Even on the highest setting it was pretty quiet and having a 5-year-old, questioning-everything tornado in the house, silence is definitely a preference.  Also, due to the waterproof-ness and silicone head, clean-up feels easier (and safer) than cleaning up a toy with a cord (not that the cord is in the sink too, but obviously there are warning about not putting toasters in the bathtub for a reason).

Some of the features that make me unsure about the Body Wand Aqua is the touch control buttons (instead of the dial).  Honestly, I do love this feature because of how easily I would accidentally lower the dial on my Midnight or because trying to tell which way the dial needs to go is difficult in the moment.  I still have some reservations about these buttons… First off, they were nice enough to make them aligned and raised enough so you could tell which button did what.  Unfortunately, they also confused me slightly.  The (+) button does the obvious and increases intensity as well as the (-) button decreasing power – but here is where it could confuse initially.  The (+) button also turns on the wand, which the (-) turns it off (But LG, lots of toys do that).  Sure sure, but its not a 3-second hold like the others.  I was never actually sure I turned OFF the wand, which can be concerning for anything battery or rechargeable – it’ll waste power.  There is also a circle button in the middle – I thought THIS would have been the button for power but I was wrong.  All it does was change the functions (wait, LG, did you say FUNCTIONS?!).  Yes, functions – 8 different kinds.  I’m not a fan of functions – I prefer steady power – but to come from a toy, which originally it was ONLY steady vibrations is pretty cool.  It still holds the similar idea of a steady vibe with the 1st function being that and still having several varying levels of steady vibes so I don’t need to do much when I turn it back on.

As you can see, it’s hard for me to really say yes or no to this product based off its features alone.  This is certainly a great toy for someone who is new to the game or does not like strong vibrations.  It also is a great toy that doesn’t necessarily discriminate – gender, sexual orientation, solo, with a partner, or just needing a back massage – it can work for everyone.  In my opinion, go for corded versions of the body wand or rechargeable ones – believe it or not, they’re cheaper or the same exact price with many of the SAME features I’ve described.

Stay Sexual!

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