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Lady Genevieve

I’m calling this blog Part 2 to my Neon Wand review because 1) I actually NEEDED my Neon Electro Wand to be able to write this review and 2) I don’t get to play with it much so it was refreshing to give it a go again! If you haven’t read it yet, go back and read it first before continuing on. I’ll give you a moment….

…. annnnnnd WELCOME BACK! Alright, so now that we’re all caught up I want to first and foremost make a kinda correction (provide additional information) to my previous blog. I provided a warning to those with heart conditions and pace-makers HOWEVER!!!! If you are pregnant or have a copper IUD – DO NOT USE! Although the Neon Electro Wand isn’t being inserted in you directly (and the Volt can be), if you have the copper IUD, it absolutely is a no-no and can be just as dangerous. This is why we have educators in our stores and are constantly training our employees because older trainings don’t necessarily include this information so we want to absolutely make sure we are updating everyone with correct information (especially warnings) where needed (immediately).

kinklab power tripper
KinkLab Power Tripper

How Part 2 Came To Be

Now that we’re past the serious part, let’s get silly! I will say I definitely became a bit of a terror when Sportsheets announced they were creating their Sex & Mischief Brat line with Sensory Fingertips. The kinky brat in me had awoken and I was ecstatic to not only have a line I identified with, but finding something pretty close to vampire gloves (okay, I have some interest in that area, but that’s a blog for another day). I had to wait WEEKS after they came out because customers kept buying them before I could get my own which, like OKAY I get it but also let me have my brat moment…. brat moment over. While I was waiting, I also got myself the KinkLab Power Tipper which is an accessory to the Neon Electro Wand. So what you do with it is hold it or place it along your body (being held by the band of your pants or bra or whatever you can to keep it your your skin. Once you have it on your body, guess WHAT! You turn your WHOLE BODY isn’t an electro stim toy! That’s right, you too can become Static Shock…. or Storm… or whatever superhero/villain that products some form of electricity! When I got this in, I took it home and was cackle-begging King Big Cream to let me touch him, just his arm or leg or stomach, anything! I did make a whoopsie and had it up a bit too high to introduce it to him (see, a whoopsie). He decided from that he was no longer interested in trying it and I don’t blame him but also, don’t be like him and here’s why: sometimes it takes about 5-6 tries of something before you can decide if you actually enjoy it or not but after that, it’s okay to not like something! Regardless, I am FRICKEN in LOVE with the Power Tripper.

Accessories Upon Add-Ons

sex and mischief brat sensory fingertips
S&M Brat Sensory Fingertips

In addition to my Power Tripper, I finally got my itty bitty finger on the Sensory Fingertips and you would have thought I lost my actual brain I was practically bouncing off the walls! I legit BROUGHT my wand and power tripper to work once I got the fingertips so I could try them out on Naomi (hehehe). She was reluctant as she should be because she’s not a fan of the e-stim products either (and that is understandable because she IS around them more than most people). I honestly just wanted to make sure it worked all together and GUESS WHAT AGAIN! IT DID! That’s right, the power tripper does conduct through the fingertips which means you can get a more pinpoint sensation by using them together!

So here’s my actual review – of course I love it! Of course if someone is interested in using these products, I’m absolutely going to recommend it. However, I ALSO recognize this is not for everyone! And I don’t mean that in a gender or sexuality specific way. This is probably more for a veteran or an open-minded individual (and of course not recommended for those who have medical reasons for not using it). The wand itself is still an investment but worth it if you will be getting good use out of it because it is a good quality product. Aside from the e-stim part, you can use the Sensory Fingertips on their own as an intro product into some sensory play as well. If you’re still on the fence about it, ask for Lady Genevieve and she’ll be able to give you a good educational training on these products!

Stay Sexual!

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