Lady Genevieve Reviews the 60SX AMP Bullet

Lady Genevieve

I know I’ve said some things a million times: “this is the best/the strongest/the coolest/etc.”, but this time… this time is different I swear! Nu Sensuelle has been doing a bit of rebranding in packaging, but they’ve also been busy creating the most powerful motor in sex toy history.. and believe it or not, the Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMP Bullet vibrator held onto the title for some time (apparently it has since been dethroned by another product WITHIN the same brand, but it is still the STRONGEST bullet vibrator out there). Drool has been pouring out of my mouth since these bullets made their way into our stores and I finally got the courage to ask the owner if I could take one to review it. I’ve never felt as though I have been obsessed to anything until now…

Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMP Bullet Vibrator
Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMp Bullet

Foreplay: Getting to Know You

This bullet isn’t as tiny as majority of the bullets we have – it is a little larger at just over 5 inches long so I do think there can be some internal use for vulva-owners as well. It is made in silicone with a rose gold accent near the handle and the handle has something called ‘dampening’ on the end to make sure the vibrations only stay where you want them (I’ll bring this up again soon). It is rechargeable, waterproof and 100% body-safe. The ‘On/Off’ button is placed at the base of the handle, just hold down for the usual 3 second and you’ll see two arrows at which control the 12 (that’s right TWELVE vibration intensities. And no, I did not misspeak – 12 VIBRATION INTENSITIES NO EFFING PATTERNS JUST STRAIGHT VIBRATIONS THE SEX TOY GODS HAVE HEARD OUR CRIES HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Whew, I’m out of breath now. And now I’m getting very excited just thinking about me telling you how this bullet gave me an out of body experience.

Is This Heaven?

I swear my legs and my clit are still shaking to this day since I first experienced the 60SX AMP bullet in the way one generally uses bullet vibrations. But before I go into more detail, I must tell you the foreplay part (duh). I do the usual: take the product out, play with the buttons, touch it to my nose and see how strong the vibrations continue to feel with pressure… I could barely feel my wrist with how strong it continued to be despite my grip. I showed it to Big Cream because with my opposite hand, I could feel the vibrations in my elbow. I had him do the same and I could STILL feel the strong vibrations in his elbow to where I ACTUALLY could have used his elbow AS A VIBRATOR. Now, I did mention that there was this ‘dampening’ in the handle of the bullet, but the fact that we could still feel it beyond our wrists was impressive. The representative of Ne Sensuelle even told people in the industry during a conference that her clit piercing was vibrating as she was speaking! The time finally came that I wanted to use it and sometimes that time came after having sex with Big Cream. Although vibrators do help me achieve a faster orgasm, I still need some additional arousal so I can enjoy my orgasm so Cream will usually assist me with sill touching me and kissing me in various spots and this can still take some time. But with the 60SX AMP? Nope, it was done and over with in less than 2 minutes. I wasn’t disappointed in how quick it was (although I do think he was sad it didn’t take longer), but it was incredible!! I could still feel the nerves in my clit just dancing around from the combination of the deep and buzzy vibrations. Surprisingly I did not squirt which I would have easily thought it would have happened (and is now a goal of mine with this bullet). Big Cream even decided to press it up against his genitals and jolted a little bit with how much power he experienced – I definitely think I saw a smirk show up on his face for this one.

Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMP

Still Some Cautions to Consider

Okay so nothing in this world is perfect, however, I don’t think I will be bursting anyone’s bubbles. Bullets are perfect for anyone and everyone regardless of parts or partners. However, I would still not recommend this for any anal play – although it is a larger than usual bullet, it still doesn’t have a flared base and runs the risk of getting stuck (outside tickling ONLY). I do think, and this is just from my experience with the toy, that anyone who has some joint issues in their hands, does not like strong vibrations, or is new to purchasing sex toys may find the stronger settings too much to handle. The only true complaint I have is that you can’t tell which arrow is for what setting and they’re so small and close together, you can accidentally turn down the power in the middle of trying to turn it up. I think it is safe to say that other than my Womanizer Premium, I think this bullet has also won the throne in the kingdom that is my sex toy drawer. Now I just have to figure out which one to evict to the box….

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